Fashion Lifestyle Influencers Instagirl or Brand marketers how to Make your Posts Viral

How to developp your business with marketing Influence. 

Or, Influencer Instagirl Brand Marketers, how to make your posts viral and pulls in more ad revenue each year ?

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The Sexy Sophie Rose called sophiemudd (1.1m)

Brand marketers

Brand marketers, you’ve done your influencer research. You noticed that your competitors are already leveraging social media influencers. You have several influencer’s names, platforms and contact info, and you’ve even found out who these influencers influence most. So Brand marketers your today question is how to make your posts viral and increase the volume of sales?

The Superb Cindy Mello  764 K (GB+USA)

We all know that, today, Brand marketers love End-To-End Influencer Marketing Campaigns To Create Personal Relationships With Consumers

Interest in Influencer marketing

And we know too, that we are not alone. In fact, interest in influencer marketing has increased almost 100 times since 2013 (Google Trends). According to eMarketer, two third of brand marketers actively participate in influencer marketing.As Influencers’ content is highly personalized even when they are sponsoring.

Today you like to learn how to catalyze your own influence or impact on the network. Keeping in mind that Influencer marketing can boost your social media ROI.

Or, with all the interest in influencer marketing, how do you reach out to the best influencers?

Meet the family in Paris recently. Fashion lifestyle influencer Chiara Ferragni:

Who are they?

They are a person who have the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of their (real or perceived) authority, knowledge, position, or relationship, in other words, Influencer marketing (also influence marketing) is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers. Influencers will even help you to deliver your message to a niche audience

The Boot Café one of the best spot  for Instagramers in Paris

Fashion Lifestyle Influencers or brand marketers

Where are the ideas coming from

The idea of a « two-step flow of communication » was introduced in The People’s Choice (Paul Lazarsfeld, Bernard Berelson, and Hazel Gaudet, a 1940 study on the decision making process of voters. This idea was further developed in « Personal Influence » (Lazarsfeld, Elihu Katz 1955) and « The Effects of Mass Communication » (Joseph Klapper 1960)

Lil Miquela (1.5m)

Well-known influencers are : 

*Able to mobilize opinions and create reactions.

*Have large online communities focused on specific topics, and

*Have a significant share of voice on a given subject.

*Have Some shortcuts to scaling your business with intelligence.

They Create content for buyers, not for their own ego, and are approachable and participate in social events, always publish quality content with quality images, Have an active presence and never ever give up !

Knows your influencer or knows your brand marketer

Shooting of Korean fashion lifestyle Influencer in Paris Le Marais street

Reach your market place

And, They remember that Social media has enabled people to quickly reach out to their marketplace. Social medias provided opportunities for entrepreneurs to build up a reputation, build and make followers believe convince that they are an authority in their niche or market.

Influencers don’t share their expertise with brands. They share it with people. Advertisers should know the influencer first and find the commonalities between yourself and them.

The French Star Jeanne Damas( 1M)

Knowing an influencer means, where are they located, what have they recently talked about, what are their interests, what do they do in their off-time?

Brand marketers, you will have to start by engaging with influencers in a real way on social media, act as an unknown follower commenting their posts, not always complimenting them, to see how they react, to see if they are positively nice or not !

Le or La #Transgender #Transsexual  Lisa Belle Official (27k)

Build Relationship

When the influencer has been chosen , or when you an influencer have decided to collaborate with this brand marketer, you have to build the Relationship. Influence marketing is not about a one-stop request — it’s about building relationships, almost like friendships. A successful online influencer and brand relationships is always built on true depth.

Lea Bonneau leabonleabon  an established fashion lifestyle influencer  :

Loyalty to a company or to a good influencer will help to build a relationship rather than just a onetime deal, personalization and long-term commitment to true partnership will be positive for both the brand marketer and the influencer.

Ferragni shooting in Paris

And always Keep It Real by building loyal influencer relationships

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Fashion Lifestyle Influencers or Brand marketers

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